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let’s all take a minute to stop and think about how Hagrid gave Harry his homemade birthday cake, told him how much he looked like his parents, and fed him sausages before he even started to explain that he was a wizard

let’s stop to think about how his absolute first priority was to let harry know that he was loved and cared for

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We’re in a horrible, repugnant place now where kids are told it’s their right and due to be hugely famous. Not good at their job, not good at anything, just hugely famous. This is not sane. Little girls think they’ll be famous if they have vast breast implants and might as well die if they don’t.

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things about the hunger games franchise that should anger you

  • katniss’s deafness was erased in the movies
  • peeta’s amputation was erased in the movies
  • our media is acting exactly like the capitol
  • katniss’s prep team aren’t real characters in the movies

things about the hunger games franchise that shouldn’t anger you

  • "katniss is so annoying and whiny and cold and weak!!"